8 March 2017

Mineski announced The Manila Masters Philippine Qualifiers: The Pinoy Tour last night.

This is an open tournament that anyone can enter and will give a team the chance to fight for a spot in the main Manila Masters tournament. The 4 winning teams of the open will enter a playoff bracket against the top 4 Philippine teams: Mineski.GGnetwork, Execration, TNC Pro Team and Happy Feet. Only one team gets to go to the Manila Masters tournament.


Online Qualifiers

First up are the Online qualifiers. There is a total of four online qualifiers and will be held on these dates: March 18, 19, 25 and 26.

Since it is an open qualifier, you can register for as many as you want until you win! Choked on the first online qualifier? Just register for the second.

The winner for each online qualifier gets to move on to the Pre-Playoffs, more on that later.


Branch Qualifiers

After the online qualifiers have completed, next up is the Branch Qualifiers. There will be a total of 20 cities around the Philippines and each qualifier will be held at a Mineski Infinity Branch or at a partnered cybercafé.

Similar to the online qualifiers, you can register for as many branch qualifiers as you want until you win. Teammate threw the game in Cavite? Register for the Batangas Qualifier!

Each branch qualifier will only last for 1 day and will be using a single elimination format.

Winners of each branch qualifier will move on to a Branch Qualifier Group Stage consisting of 4 Groups of 5 teams each. During this group stage, the top 12 teams of this group stage wil be moving on to the Pre-Playoffs.

Branch qualifiers will be held starting April 1 until April 23 and Branch Qualifiers Group Stage will be on May 1 to 2.




The 16 winning teams, 4 online teams and 12 branch teams, will be split into 4 groups of 4. Teams will compete in the Pre-Playoffs with a double elimination group format on May 3 to 4.

The winner of the Pre-Playoffs moves on to the main playoff bracket against the top Philippine teams.


Main Qualifier Playoffs

The top 4 teams from the Pre-Playoffs will be paired against one of the top Philippine teams, Mineski.GGnetwork, Execration, TNC Pro Team and Happy Feet.

Teams will compete in a Best-of-3 Single elimination format while the finals will be a Best-of-5 format. The Main Qualifier Playoffs will be held on May 5 to 6 and the winning team will move on to the Manila Masters.



The Manila Masters Pinoy Tour is presented by PLDT and SMART.

For more information, view the official Mineski announcement