6 March 2017

On February 27th 2017, Blizzard announced their newest expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, for their extremely popular competitive card game, Hearthstone.

This would be the 5th official expansion and just like any before it, introduces a plethora of new cards and mechanics. Based on the prehistoric area of Un’Goro Crater from World of Warcraft, players can expect to find many new dinosaur and elemental themed cards.



The first of the new mechanics introduced in Journey to Un’Goro, is the creature ability Adapt. With the Adapt ability, you get to choose on how that minion will, well… adapt. From a pool of 10 different upgrades, you will be shown a random selection of 3.

Some of these adaptations are:

1. Taunt

2. Divine Shield

3. +3 Attack

4. Windfury, and more!

Some minions will come into play with Adapt, sometimes spells will trigger it!



Journey to Un’Goro will also add a new legendary card type to Hearthstone: Quests. Quest cards will always start in your opening hand and will work similar to secret cards. Once played, a new icon will be shown on top of your hero portrait until the condition is met. Quest cards will have a requirement that once completed, will grant you a powerful advantage! 

A new legendary quest card: Awaken the Masters


Because of the power you gain for completing a quest, both you and your opponent will be able to see the status of all quests in play.


Once completed, Awaken the Makers gives you a really powerful legendary minion!




With the arrival of a new expansion is also the arrival of the second standard season, The Year of the Mammoth. Every year, Hearthstone changes up its Standard format – a change in the rotation of what cards can be used based on how balanced they are.

Cards from the following expansions will be moved out of standard and into the wild format: Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament and The League of Explorers.

Hungry for more information on the Year of the Mammoth? Check out this article.

Hearthstone: Journey to Un’Goro is scheduled to drop some time this April.