17 February 2017

With more major colleges joining in the latest gaming trends, Lourdes University will now offer full gaming scholarships to students that play League of Legends competitively.

In an article written by Dustin Steiner of, Lourdes University in Ohio will offer League of Legends scholarships to students planning to enter the competitive Esports scene. This is great news as Lourdes joins other major colleges in giving students an option to enter this new and exciting scene of professional gaming.

At first, Lourdes will start their program in 2017 and have about 60 recruits ready to begin the curriculum of professional gaming strategies, execution, and practicing to hit the Esports scene. It’s incredibly tough to make it but this is the start of a great new trend among colleges that are finally taking Esports seriously.

Here is what Lourdes University president Mary Anne Gawelek said in their official press release, directly from that article written by Steiner:

“Competitive video gaming requires students to possess excellent critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills – which are transferrable to their academic pursuits. In addition, these individuals must follow a strong fitness regimen and have a healthy mind and spirit.”

In the grand scheme of things, it’s great to see yet another college take notice that competitive gaming isn’t just about playing a game for fun. It requires a ton of skill, patience, and a ton of teamwork for teams to not only win but be in a position to successfully compete.

League isn’t just about fighting other players in a digital battleground. There is so much strategy behind it that it takes quite some time to master. Even professional players need a few years of dedicated time to practice with their teammates in order to make a name for themselves. Now, with another college offering a curriculum directly about League and how to be a professional player, it’s a bold step in the right direction for Esports.