17 February 2017

NBA 2K17 updated the rosters, and NBA All-Star Game 2017 is coming up on February 19, 2017. Let’s see who NBA 2K17 thinks will win.

NBA 2K17 continues to be an excellent sports sim with layered complexity which translates into easy casual use among its player base. So how does it excel at simulating actual NBA events? This question prompted me to see who NBA 2K17 thought was going to win NBA All-Star Game 2017.

Here are the parameters: I updated the rosters with NBA 2K17’s latest update. This latest roster featured the full roster of both East and West including the coaches profiles. We set the difficulty up to Hall of Fame and put the quarter length to 12 minutes. From there, I simulated the game by letting it play out in real time in front of me. A video recap will be available at the end of this post to avoid spoilers.

Note: I did not think I could realistically mimic the effort and the coaching strategies usually on display in the NBA All-Star game. I did not alter how much players would play; I simply set the coach to sub players based on a rotation the game itself decided based on the players available.

NBA All-Star-Game-2017

Credit: NBA

NBA 2K17 Simulation: NBA All-Star Game Rosters

East Starting 5

Kyrie Irving – Cleveland Cavaliers

DeMar DeRozan – Toronto Raptors

LeBron James – Cleveland Cavaliers

Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks

Jimmy Butler – Chicago Bulls

East Reserves

John Wall – Washington Wizards

Isiah Thomas – Boston Celtics

Kyle Lowry – Toronto Raptors

Kemba Walker – Charlotte Hornets

Paul George – Indiana Pacers

Kevin Love – Cleveland Cavaliers

Paul Milsap – Atlanta Hawks


West Starting 5

Steph Curry – Golden State Warriors

James Harden – Houston Rockets

Kevin Durant – Golden State Warriors

Kawhi Leonard – San Antonio Spurs

Anthony Davis – New Orleans Pelicans


West Reserves

Russell Westbrook – Oklahoma City Thunder

Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors

Gordon Hayward – Utah Jazz

DeMarcus Cousins – Sacremento Kings

DeAndre Jordan – Los Angeles Clippers

Marc Gasol – Memphis Grizzlies

Draymond Green – Golden State Warriors



Credit: 2K Sports

First Quarter

The West got off to a hot start behind Durant, Harden, and Kawhi Leonard. Together they all came together to give the West an early lead before the starters came in. Meanwhile, Lebron and co. were starting to settle into a groove as you can see in the above gif.

Despite a healthy effort from the starters, the West subs lost a bit of the lead over the East as they roared back behind a bit of Jimmy Butler and Paul George and Paul Millsap. The quarter which saw the West lead by as much as ten ended with a 4-point lead over the East All-Stars.


Credit: 2K Sports

Second Quarter

The second quarter saw the East take over the game a complete a full 11-point swing between quarters to lead up seven at halftime. At the forefront of this was Kyrie Irving and Lebron James, as expected. However, Kevin Love and Giannis Antetokounmpo were alive and contributing, as well.

For the West, the subs outside of Marc Gasol did not seem like they could get going. The game got pretty out of hand until the starters came back in. Much of this was due to Russell Westbrook. He shot as often as real life Russell Westbrook, but this game certainly did not do him any favors in terms of showcasing his playmaking ability.


Credit: 2K Sports

Kawhi Leonard and Giannis were the players to watch at the half. Giannis was, impressively, leading in multiple categories for the East at this point.



Credit: 2K Sports

Third Quarter

The West came out aggressive with Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and James Harden all getting going early to almost tie the game up. See the above gif with Harden mixing it up in the lane with Jimmy Butler and Lebron then check out the patented fast break Steph Curry pull up.

NBA-2K17-All-Star-Game-2017-Steph Curry

Credit: 2K Sports

On the East side, Lebron and Kyrie respond to each push from the West with a basket or defensive effort keeping the West from taking the lead. Watch as Kyrie and the East catch Curry creeping too far on defense.


Credit: 2K Sports

Marc Gasol and Westbrook do a lot to keep the West hanging around throughout the end of this quarter after the starters step off the floor. The second unit for the East came in to extend the lead with John Wall showing out as well as Kevin Love and Paul George.

The end of the quarter sees the East All-Star with a good lead over the West All-Stars, but the game is certainly not over.

Fourth Quarter

Whoo boy, this game got close quick. The West got back in the game quick. Using the size of Marc Gasol and Draymond Green shut off the inside game of the East. The Two Pauls, George, and Millsap hit a few shots, but the West got back in the game before the fan chosen starters got back in.

Enter the Lebron-Durant showdown. The two went back and forth for the next four minutes of the game. In the end, the West started getting help from everywhere to finish the game where the East only had Lebron and Kyrie with a little help from Giannis.


Credit: 2K Sports

Here is a great gif showing some of the work Lebron put in and one of my favorite things about NBA 2K17 games, the ref reactions:


Credit: 2K Sports

After Durant and Kawhi had brought the match in reach, Steph Curry capitalized on a mismatch and hit a tough bank shot to finally put the West in the lead. Steph found Harden for a quick foot on the line two to put the West up for good.

Giannis came back the other way finishing a putback layup to try to keep the East in it. Steph Curry had other plans. After Harden casually brought the ball down the floor, Steph Curry came off a pick, squared up, and pulled up from 35 feet to sink a 3-pointer.

Kyrie Irving and Lebron did their best to close it out, but after a couple misses on the other end, the game was over to the tune of some West Coast free throws.


Credit: 2K Sports

All-Star Game MVP

Kevin Durant won the MVP of this game. Much in the same way the real NBA all-star game chooses, Kevin Durant scored the most points in this game and thus won the NBA 2K17 NBA All-Star Game 2017 MVP. Something I am sure real life Kevin Durant would love to take from the reigning All-Star Game MVP out in Oklahoma City.


All-Star Game Observations

NBA 2K17 does some really weird things in-game. Despite being a starter, Kyrie Irving was taken out of the game’s final minute with the West up two after scoring a crucial basket. He would have been better than the much shorter Isaiah Thomas against Steph Curry.

NBA 2K17 did not like Russell Westbrook in the NBA All-Star Game. Westbrook took the most shots on the West team but finished with a bad FG% without being a Top 3 scorer in the game. That seems a little divorced from the reality of Russell Westbrook this year as a scorer and contributor.

There were not many highlight dunks as there would be in the real game, but each player did show much of what they are known for in the NBA this year. Even Marc Gasol shot a 3-pointer! I did not realize he is a 40% 3-point shooter this year.

Last weird thing, Gordon Hayward received the postgame interview. It may be the weirdest thing the game did this whole evening. Steph Curry hit em with the video bomb in the back.

NBA 2K17 All-Star-Game-2017-Sim

Credit: 2K Sports

Let us know who you think will win NBA All-Star Game 2017 in the comments below. If you do your own NBA 2K17 simulations, let us know what happened in yours!