17 February 2017

From fearsome Māori warriors to lamp-loving weathermen, here are the five factions we’d like to see show up next in For Honor.


Prepare your best war cry and raise your oversized weapon of choice, as For Honor has finally released to the public! While it’s exciting that the game is now live and teeming with players ready to make a name for themselves as heroes of war, I’m already thinking about the future of For Honor, and particularly the direction Ubisoft might take with regards to adding new factions.

We know that the Season Pass will include six new heroes, but it’s unclear whether they will belong to the already existing set of factions and classes, or will represent something we haven’t seen before.

The continuing success of Rainbow Six Siege suggests that Ubisoft is at last proving that it knows how to handle post-launch curation for their games, so I thought it might be interesting to conduct an exercise in wish fulfillment when it comes to For Honor’s future content drops. I’ve combed through the annuls of time in order to find the very best fighter classes that history has to offer, and outlined them in the following slideshow.

For Honor

Warner Bros.


In terms of pure skill and discipline, Sparta was arguably the greatest military power to have roamed this earth. The entire socio-political structure of the authoritarian Greek city-state revolved around rearing warriors unrivaled in their combat prowess, with all male citizens raised from an early age to be scantily-clad men of war.

Their penchant for the sword, spear and shield would make for interesting combat styles in For Honor, while their machismo bravado (as depicted by the film 300, which at least captures the spirit of Spartan culture nicely, despite the disregard for historical accuracy) would fit right in with the blusterous tone of the game.

Despite their immediate allure, the Spartans have rarely appeared in video games till now, but Ubisoft could instantly right that wrong with one epic For Honor DLC pack. Forget Gerard Butler and Meet the Spartans; it’s time for video games to present these legendary warrior heroes in all their authentic glory.


For Honor



For too long, the pirates’ name has been dragged through the mud, with cinema presenting them as slapstick drunkards who indulge in debauchery, crime and awful sea-shanties.

Let’s not forget the fact that these seafarers were some of the best swordsmen of their time, boasting an adaptable and improvised fighting style which was essentially a homegrown form of fencing. Their inclusion in For Honor would finally be the chance for a battle between pirates and vikings, both of whom were masters of the sea and sword.

There’s no room for Jack Sparrow or Captain Hook here; For Honor’s pirates should be presented as devious and dastardly soldiers of the sea, with little mercy for whoever gets in the purview of their cuirass. It’s not like Ubisoft doesn’t have a history with making great pirate games either (see Black Flag), so why not apply all that learned knowledge and development experience into a swashbuckling For Honor expansion pack?


For Honor



Naturally, you cannot have a discussion about the greatest warriors known to man without bringing in a healthy consideration of the Roman Empire. While it’s true that Rome’s military was stacked full of adept fighters, it would still be more interesting if Ubisoft instead focused on the art of gladiatorial combat, which this period of history is synonymous with.

The interesting costumes and fighting styles of the gladiators, designed to entertain audiences more than anything else, would aptly make for a riotous time on the virtual battlefields of For Honor. The variety of weaponry can also provide Ubisoft with plenty to work with when designing gladiator heroes to fit into each of the game’s classes.

As if that wasn’t enough to win you over, imagine the new maps and environments that could be crafted when inspired by the architecture and topography of Ancient Rome. At this point, the very idea of gladiators fighting alongside samurais, knights and vikings in For Honor really feels like a match made in heaven.


For Honor



It has been said that “the Māori people ate, slept, and drank killing and fighting.” If that doesn’t pass the criteria for New Zealand’s greatest warriors to join the roster of heroes in For Honor, then I don’t know what could.

Masters of the spear, dagger, club and all sorts of other unique and interesting weapons, the Māori fighting style is all about intimidating enemies before getting in for ‘up close and personal’ combat. In particular, the legendary Taiaha weapon is essentially a multi-tool of destruction, boasting a versatility that could be incorporated into the gameplay of Māori combat.

On a separate note, how often is it that New Zealanders are represented in the world of video games? It’s time to bring the bottom right corner of the world map into the virtual spotlight, and Ubisoft is the one to do it. I’d also kill for a Haka emote.


For Honor


San Diego’s News Teams

Okay, okay…I’m half-joking with this one. But only half-joking. Seriously, have you seen Anchorman’s infamous news team fight scene? Those reporters seriously know how to handle themselves in a brawl.

The sheer variety of the news teams who show up in that sketch means Ubisoft would be more than spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing who to include as a hero in For Honor. There’s the Ben Stiller-led Spanish Language News Team, Tim Robbins’ Public News Team, or the central cast themselves; Channel 4 News Team. Imagine lobbing tridents across the battlefield as Brick, or clobbering foes with Ron Burgundy’s makeshift bed post weapon.

And then there’s the opportunity for new emotes. “Glass cage of emotion” would become an instant hit for taunting enemies in Duel Mode, that’s for certain. This all might seem out of place in For Honor’s faux-historical setting, but if John Wick and Scarface can turn up in Payday 2, then Burgundy and co can sure as hell make their video game debut here as well.