5 January 2017

Gamers are a passionate crowd, which is a good thing. It’s contributed to the meteoric rise of eSports across the globe, for example. But sometimes, gaming can turn into an obsession that takes away from other aspects of your life. Traditionally, the most common thing gamers give up is living a healthy lifestyle.


Well no more! Meet Eric “Eruption” Tai, a former member of the national rugby team, the Philippine Volcanoes, and a lifelong gamer. He may be a gamer at heart, but Eric still makes sure he puts in the time and effort to be fit.


So who better to show you how to balance gaming and staying healthy?


Listen to Eric’s tips and maybe you can enhance your gaming lifestyle and eventually become a fit gamer as well.


Want more of Eric Tai? We’ll be bringing you more videos of him soon, so stay tuned.