Photo from MSI
23 August 2016

Sponsorships are an important aspect in eSports. In fact, they are so crucial that they comprise most of a team’s revenue. As discussed by Christopher “Montecristo” Mykkles, shoutcaster and former owner of League of Legends team Renegades, eSports teams currently live and die off of sponsorship deals.

It’s the same deal here in the Philippines. More important, in fact, since streaming isn’t as profitable for local players as with top international names. As player salaries won’t be implemented until the next season (and it’s only for League of Legends), many teams rely on brand deals in order to make their careers viable.

MSI, one of the leading computer brands in the Philippines, recently launched its brand new line of notebooks NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 10 series graphics cards. These products are built to perform at par or even better than modern PC builds. While this might not mean much right now for eSports, what it does do is position MSI as a pioneer in making the competitive scene easier and more agile for PC titles.

Creating an eSports event, particularly for team-based PC games, can be a logistical nightmare. Organizers have two options: either set it up in an established net café, or find a big enough place and built the arena from scratch. If it’s the latter, CPUs, monitors, and other cumbersome equipment are necessary. For each player. This amount of moving parts can cause small, yet troublesome problems during the event.

Powerful laptops are an efficient solution. Instead of carrying multiple pieces of equipment, organizers and teams now only have to carry a single notebook that’s tucked in their bags. Products such as MSI’s GT73VR Titan Pro and GS73VR Stealth Pro Ultra Slim are ready for 4K gaming and light carrying, respectively.

One of the next big steps for eSports is establishing portable options for organizers and players. Through brands such as MSI, it is possible to usher in a new era for the industry, one that isn’t limited to space and logistical viability.