One of the most watched and one that captured the collective imagination in 2016 was the Season 79 Basketball Tournament of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). The action-filled, colorful saga of eight teams in search of the UAAP crown was filled with all the things that make the UAAP the must-watch league that it is: fierce rivalries, collegiate superstars, eye-catching half-time numbers, diehard fandoms and school spirit. Sports and lifestyle media covered the games every step of the way. And so did campus media. In particular, a Sportswriting Class in the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication (Journalism 195 under sports columnist Tessa Jazmines) was challenged to “shoot the games”, capture choice moments and choose their best shots for a class photo contest. JD Adeva, Faye Almazan, Verna Barrozo, Daniel Boone, Laine Bringuelo, LA Castro, Shernielyn Dela Cruz, Alyssa Divina, Klea Gonzales, Bella Javier, Keith Magcaling, Luisa Morales, Ara Nacario, Kulas Palmera, Angel Palpal-latoc, Raph Rayco, MK Reginio, Steph Roxas, CJ San Jose and Clarist Zablan participated in the contest. The winners were : Action Category : “Buggy Whip”, Raph Rayco; “Up”, Ara Nacario; “Next Gen”, JD Adeva; Human Interest Category: “Basket Bros”, Ara Nacario; “And The Winner Is..”, Keith Magcaling; “At The End of the Ride”, Luisa Morales. The would-be sports journalists are all amateurs and saw the basketball scene with fresh eyes. See their shots and reminisce one more time about Season 79.