Screenshot via @Overtime on Twitter
29 July 2017

LaVar Ball threatened to pull his AAU squad off the court Friday after he was given a technical foul, according to ESPN's Jeff Borzello

Ball lashed out at a female referee after she gave him a technical foul during his Big Baller Brand team's game against Team BBC. He reportedly pointed at the ref and said, "We need to get someone else in here."

After arguing with the officials, Ball started to walk his team off the court, but the game resumed a few minutes later following a short delay. When play restarted, the female referee had been replaced, according to ESPN. 

It's unclear why exactly the official was replaced. An Adidas representative told ESPN that it was entirely their decision to make the swap. 

Ball was ejected later in the game after officials gave him a second technical foul. The game was called early, with Team BBC defeating Big Baller Brand 53-43, according to ESPN. ‚Äč

After the game, Ball criticized the referee, claiming she had a "vendetta" and saying she needed to "stay in her lane," according to ESPN.

In May, Ball told a female reporter from Fox Sports 1 to "stay in your lane" after she criticized Big Baller Brand for not selling women's apparel.  

Ball recently pulled his entire team off the court during an AAU game after disagreeing with a call, resulting in a forfeit.