25 January 2017

Kyrie Irving is an amazing basketball player.

He can create his own shots by using his innate ability to zip by his defenders and finish at the basket. He’s one of the quickest ballers out there and depends on a lot of creativity with his insane handles. In short, he’s a magician on the court with his hands and feet.

The Kyrie 3, the latest shoe off his signature line, does an incredible job to complement his playing style.

Made specifically for the movements Irving normally does on the floor, the sneakers respond well to hard cuts and quick footwork.

During the Philippine launch of the “Hot Punch” colorway, Ateneo hoopsters Thirdy Ravena and Aaron Black gave their two cents on the Kyrie 3.

“They’re very comfortable and easy to play in,” said Black. “They feel good, very good grip.”

Ravena, meanwhile, was pleased with the shoe’s cushioning despite most online reviews saying the opposite.

“I like how it’s very stable. It’s good that you can move around with it,” Ravena explained. “It sticks to the floor and I like the overall cushioning.”

I personally believe Nike sacrificed a little of the cushioning to boost the traction of the shoe, making the overall feel better for sudden movements.

The traction works amazingly well on hardwood floors — the grip’s more tight and the shoes stick great to the court. The Kyrie 3s can also be worn on asphalt or concrete courts, commonly found in your neighborhood’s clubhouses. The traction will still be there, only a notch lower because of the less polished surface.

During some of our training sessions, the Kyrie 3 were good as advertised when it comes to traction. It allowed us to shift with ease between lateral movements, without sacrificing speed.  

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In conclusion, the shoe’s strength lies beneath with its outsole and traction pods. Even Kyrie Irving himself knows those are the Kyrie 3s biggest asset.

“The traction pods are unbelievable. How responsive they are on the floor. Starting and stopping and going and picking up from behind-the-back crossover, and you start and stop on a dime while your defenders shoes are still going forward,” he said.

The Nike Kyrie 3 is as explosive as its namesake. It’s a great low-to-the-ground shoe, an easy choice for guards who rely on quickness, ball handling, and a lot of footwork.