Photo by Kevin Cox/Getty Images
22 January 2017

Kyrie Irving is a world champion and bonafide NBA superstar. Kids look up to him because he’s a great scorer and can handle the ball with such creativity and quickness.

The latest shoe off his signature line, the Nike Kyrie 3, was built to handle Irving’s explosive and flashy playing style.

Yes the shoes are a tool to help Irving move better on the court, but it’s really about the work he puts in behind the scenes that made him become a great basketball player.

During one of our Kyrie Challenge training sessions on January 21, coach Yuri Escueta emphasized the importance of repetition, mastering basic exercises and dribbling skills to become as explosive as the Cavaliers superstar.

“More on repetition of the exercises para lumakas yung muscles. Yung explosiveness mo makukuha mo sa quad muscles mo, sa hamstrings, sa legs and sa core mo. Pag lumakas siya mas magiging explosive ka,” said Escueta.

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We put the Kyrie 3 to the test throughout our workouts, and so far I can say that the Kyrie 3 is great for players who rely on their speed and ball handling, because it’s got great traction and responds well to quick attacks and unpredictable lateral movements.

So apart from wearing the shoes, if you want to become as explosive as Kyrie Irving you have to work on the same execrises he does that concentrate on explosiveness.

Here’s the complete 45-minute Kyrie Irving workout — from the Nike+ Training Club app —which is great for building strength, cross training and sport performance:


20 knee hugs

20 dynamic quadriceps stretch (alternating)

10 hip cradles (alternating)

30 a-skips

30 lateral shuffle

30 carioca

20 reverse lunge reaches

20 hip lifts

20 hip lift march (alternating)

Lower body strength (3x)

10 kettlebell front squats (heavy weights)

12 dumbbell step-ups (alternating)

8 lateral bounds

Core (2x)

30 high plank shoulder taps

20 pendulum legs

Upper body strength (3x)

8 three point dumbbell rows (left arm and right arm)

10 pull-ups

16 T push-ups


50 run in place

40 mountain climbers

30 stance switches

20 quick feet in and outs

10 lateral jump burpees


10 lateral hip openers

1 min. kneeling quadriceps stretch (each for left and right leg)

30 sec. figure four stretch (each for left and right leg)

30 sec. side lying T stretch (left arm)

1 min. lower back stretch (left side)

30 sec. side lying T stretch (right arm)

1 min. lower back stretch (right side)

30 sec. dynamic chest stretch