Screenshot from El Rey Network
22 December 2016

It isn't easy being Johnny Mundo (né John Morrison, Johnny Nitro).

After all, when you're the Lucha Underground Champion, all eyes are on you because you're the guy in the Temple with the biggest prize in hand. Add to that his teammates in the Worldwide Underground (Jack Evans, PJ Black, and Taya), who are getting more dysfunctional by the week; his rival Angelíco, who won't stop flying off roofs to get his licks in; and Lucha Underground promoter Dario Cueto, whose thirst for violence is insatiable, and you realize just how much Johnny has to deal with every week.

That's why it's amazing to see that the Lucha Underground Champion has found time to unleash his musical gifts and deliver us this nugget in time for the holiday season.

First off, I wouldn't be surprised if Johnny actually sang the song. If he did, then props to him for being one of the few pro wrestlers who can actually carry a tune. Then again, the song totally sounds like the autotuned rock ditty you'd hear as the theme song for his former employers.

And then there are the lyrics, which are as campy as you can get, featuring genius lines like:

Welcome to Slamtown!

This is my world, it's my domain / you're all just here to entertain

I make the rules, I am the king / you try, but I will always win

I'm what you're waiting for / the American luchador

I climb the mountain, earn the fame / the crowd is screaming out my name

If you desire / to walk into the fire

I am the center, I am the soul / you're all just under my control

Inside the ropes, I am the light / you will be fighting for your life

I am the main attraction / you're just here for distraction

Step in the ring, just understand / I'm number one, I am the man


There's also the behind-the-scenes part a la MTV's Making the Video series from the early 90s to the mid-2000s, which just emphasize how Mundo's ego is as huge as Matanza. I mean, the guy tells the producer to stop moving because Johnny can see him through the recording studio's window and it's distracting. What a guy, this guy. 

And let's top it off with this nugget that really just pays homage to the golden days of MTV:

Congratulations, Johnny Mundo. You really are the man of the temple. We're done here.